Tankless Water Heater Reviews

There is nothing worse than enjoying your warm morning shower then running out of hot water. Maybe you have a large family or guests in town for the weekend which requires more hot water for the morning showers. This is where the tankless hot water heaters out perform traditional hot water heaters. Imagine never running out of hot water again! With tankless water heaters the water is heated on demand. This means even having multiple showers running and even a dishwasher at the same time. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient too. Let’s learn more about tankless water heater technology and compare some of the best tankless water heaters on the market today.

tankless water heaters

Tankless water heater vs traditional water heater

The tankless water heater will heat your water on demand instead of heating a limited sized tank. Whenever you turn on the faucet the tankless water heater will immediately heat the water and provide an unlimited flow of hot water.

Energy Effiecent

Tankless hot water heaters are much more efficient because they will only heat the water when needed. The traditional tank water heater will always be running and keeping the large tank warm. You might be sleeping or out of town and the traditional tank is always running. The tankless water heater is on demand and designed to save energy and costs.


Traditional tanks cost less but are more expensive to run and can break sooner. The tankless water heater will cost a bit more upfront, but will save you more money in the long run. Some of the best tankless water heaters can produce and energy savings of up to 60% or more. Keep in mind that the mean outside air temperature of your part of the country determines operation costs. If you live in Florida, your water heater will obviously work less than someone who lives in North Dakota.

Minerals can build up inside tradional tank water heaters and normally last only around ten years compared to the tankless units that require little maintenance. The modern and more efficient tankless water heaters will last up to twenty years.

Most tankless hot water heaters come with a federal tax credit of $300.

How do tankless water heaters work?

When you water is turned on the cold water flows into a pipe in the unit. The water is heated by either a gas burner or electric heating element. These tankless water heaters can produce of flow rate of 2-5 gallons per minute. Electric units normally produce a smaller flow rate than the gas heaters produce.

Gas Tankless Water Heater Vs Electric Comparison
Operating Costs
  • cheaper with current gas prices
  • natural gas prices will most likely rise
  • electric cost more stable
  • use with solar for even more savings
Water Flowup to 8 gallons per minute
  • up to 8 GPM
  • 3 – 3.5 GPM in cold weather due to longer time to heat
Earth Friendlynatural gas produces greenhouse gas
  • more sustainable due to fact unit could run on solar or wind
  • smaller size
Installationmore expensive because unit must be vented and connect to gascheaper due to ability to connect to only electric
Ventingunit must be ventedno outdoor venting required
Maintenancerequired yearly maintenaceno regular maintenace required