YI 4K Ultra-HD Digital Action/Sports Camera

The YI ultra-HD vlogging camera is the most logical step if you’re looking for a professional vlogging experience. Reviews hail it as one of the top vlogging cameras on the market today because of the exceptional quality that this vlogging camera puts out. It features a sleek, streamlined exterior with numerous features to take your video and get it online in the shortest time possible. This camera features a live-stream button that allows you to record your video and put it up on social media almost instantaneously. The high definition recording is one of the best on the market right now, able to record up to 4k at 30fps easily. Plus, it’s under $200, which by all standards is a huge deal. 

best vlogging camera


  • 4k@30fs, or 1080p at 120fps
  • Touchscreen UI
  • Livestreaming enabled, as well as on camera editing.


  • Professional videos quickly and easily.
  • Scratch resistant, making it a perfect travel partner
  • Exceptionally powerful, with crystal clear images


  • No external microphone.