STIGA Titan Ping Pong Paddle ITTF Approved

First up on our list of the best ping pong rackets is the STIGA Titan racket that features a 5 ply extra light blade combined with a layer of 2mm sponge and a layer of inverted tournament rubber. This paddle is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation for great structure and design. It features a concave Italian handle for a better grip and a structure that increases your reaction time and performance in general. The unique Crystal Technology that hardens the surface of the blade ensures increased speed and helps you knock your opponent out of the game!

best ping pong paddle



  • Inverted tournament rubber
  • 2mm sponge
  • 5 ply extra light blade
  • Concave handle
  • Crystal Technology



  • Increases reaction time and performance
  • Designed for optimal speed and spin
  • ITTF approved
  • Comfortable to hold


  • None