RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

The RazorX Longboard is an electric skateboard with a powerful 125 watt lithium ion battery that delivers an electrifying 10mph at up to 40 minutes. The RazorX Longboard is constructed of high-end 5-ply bamboo that gives the riders a smooth and satisfying ride.

The RazorX Longboard comes with a wireless remote control that includes a wrist strap to prevent dropping. The RazorX comes with a replaceable battery pack which is nice if your electric longboard gets a lot of use. This saves you from buying a new skateboard when all you need is a new battery.

It can carry riders up to 220lbs and is recommended for ages 9 and up.

RazorX Electric Longboard


  • 125 watt lithium ion battery to keep your RazorX Longboard running for up to 40 minutes
  • 5-ply bamboo construction
  • Wireless remote control with wristband
  • Rear-Wheel driven
  • 10 mhp
  • 10 lbs


  • High quality construction
  • Replaceable battery pack
  • Maintenance free


  • riders up to 220lbs