Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board

Another Razor product which is probably the best electric skateboard you can get if it’s your first time and you just want to see how these things look. The reason I am saying this is because the Ripstik is “the” cheap electric skateboard to go to.
It features a strong 100 watt motor which allows the speed to go up to 10mph. The Ripstik is limited though when it comes to weight support because it will only support a rider up to 143 pounds. This makes the Ripstik perfect for children, however it is not the best option for adults who weigh considerably more.razor ripstick electric skateboard
Another positive thing for this model is that it is maintenance free. It doesn’t have an alignment, chain and chain tensioner which are essentially the electric skateboard parts that tend to malfunction most of the time.

razor ripstik


  • 100 watt motor
  • up to 10 mph
  • remote control


  • charge for up to 1 hour
  • fast
  • ideal for kids


  • rider weight limit 143lbs