RAINBOWDAY Digital Camera Camcorder with 3″ LCD Flipscreen

This is the vlog camera you need if you plan on doing any sort of professional vlogging. It’s small and lightweight, and it comes with an external mounted camera to pick up sound. The flip screen is bright and clear, allowing you to see the action in 1080p HD real color. If you’re serious about your vlogging, this is definitely a camera to look into. This good vlogging camera is one of the best vlogging camera options as it falls well under $200, making it an ideal start for people who already have a feel for vlogging. 

best vlogging camera


  • 24MP camera
  • 2.0 USB, HDMI, and TV output
  • External Microphone
  • Up to 32GB SD card storage
  • Wide angle lens
  • Night vision and dark lighting settings.


  • It’s small and lightweight, but exceptionally hard working
  • Colors are crystal clear, both during and after recording
  • Easily upload your video to any computer using the USB 2.0


  • The battery life leaves a lot to be desired, requiring frequent charges.