Pumpkin Android 9.0 Double DIN Car Stereo

This is a rather pricey double din heat unit, even taking the spotlight as the most expensive item on this list. But that price comes for good reasons as this provides an extra experience. It comes with the latest version of Android installed, and with plenty of space for downloading apps. A useful wifi antenna for better signal, cameras for both the dashboard and the rear, HD quality videos, and sound, and that’s just some highlights. The best thing about it is the almost universal size, as it will fit most vehicles in a breeze.

double din stereo


  • Digital Touch Screen that’s color adjustable
  • In-built GPS
  • Wifi antenna
  • Maximum power up to 50watts x 4
  • Android 9.0 Double DIN Car Stereo


  • Great for both multimedia and navigation
  • Multiple cameras available
  • The antenna that improves the wifi signal for better on the go internet connection
  • The possibility of it being installed in almost any vehicle thanks to the universal size


  • The price will with no doubt be a major downside for many people, even though the product’s features make it worth every penny