New High Back Bucket Style Gaming Chair

This chair is the simplest chair on this list, featuring the classic office chair design. Because of it’s simple design, it is the best budget gaming chair on this list. While it isn’t as fancy as other gaming chairs on the market, sometimes less is more. This chair features a high back and a thick padded seat, with armrests that curve in a way that is ergonomical and practical for the average gamer. This chair doesn’t have a neck or lower back support pillow either, so for people who find that those extra features are just a hassle, this is an ideal pick. This chair comes in 3 distinct colors: red, blue, and white, so you can match your chair to your gaming den decor easily. 

gaming chair


  • Simplistic, ergonomic design
  • Large armrests
  • Familiar bucket seat design


  • Simple, easy to set up, and easy to use
  • Inexpensive at under $100
  • Ergonomic support makes this chair pleasant to sit in


  • Armrests do not adjust
  • Only 30 degree incline