Menu Wine Breather Carafe

If you can’t decide whether you want an aerator or a decanter, you can have both in this handy bottle carafe. Simply by attaching the top of the carafe to the opening of the bottle, you can directly pour the wine into the carafe’s basin, fully aerated and ready to serve. When all the wine is poured out, you can either serve wine from the carafe itself or pour the wine back into the bottle. This is a great product that does double duty!

Menu Wine Breather Carafe


  • Can be either a decanter or an aerator.
  • Easy to use design ensures that wine goes where it needs to
  • Made of food-grade materials


  • Aerates wine before serving, and can be used as a decanter or just as an aerator
  • Easy to clean, use, and store
  • Stylish design, lightweight product


  1. None