Le Chateau Wine Decanter

This product is exactly what you would expect in a wine decanter. It is made of 100% hand blown crystal, which gives it a stunning shine even when not in use. The wider spout is shaped in such a way that pouring wine out of the decanter is easy and mess free, while the narrow neck and full, wide basin ensures that your wine gets the full effect of the decanting process. This wine decanter is also 100% lead free, a plus for people who worry about contaminants coming into contact with consumables. Le Chateau’s wine decanter can easily hold and aerate a full 750 ml bottle of wine with ease, allowing the air to touch a wider surface area than competitors. 

Chateau Wine Decanter


  • Holds up to 750 ml of wine.
  • Made of lead-free crystal
  • Designed to allow air to hit the wine while pouring as well as at rest.


  • Wide, open basin gives a great area of exposure.
  • Spout allows for quick, easy, and mess-free pouring.
  • Thick crystal exterior for stability


  • Washing and drying can be a hassle, as the neck is only about 2 inches wide.