Kattee Canvas DSLR Camera Backpack

The Kattee Canvas camera bag is a must have for any aspiring photographer. It has ample room for your camera equipment as well as any other necessities you may want to bring. The main compartment is incredibly roomy, and can hold up to a weekend’s worth of clothing if you pack well. Pockets around the outside are great for cords, cellphone, and other small items that you might need out in the great outdoors. The canvas on this camera gear backpack is incredibly durable, and the straps are more than secure enough to keep everything contained nicely. As an added bonus, this camera gear backpack comes with a rain cover that will keep it nice and dry should the weather turn sour. 

Kattee Canvas DSLR Camera Backpack


  • Roomy interior space for all of your must-haves. Exterior pockets are also roomy, allowing you to take more camera equimpent with you at once.
  • Lightweight, easy to store, and easy to clean
  • Rain cover keeps your backpack – and everything inside – nice and dry.
  • Canvas is thick and resilient, allowing it to stand up to daily wear and tear.


  • The straps are very sturdy, and because the leather accents are genuine leather, they’re set to last for a good few years.
  • For a bag like this, the price falls in the mid- to low-end range, perfect for people just getting into photography and need something cheap.
  • Two separate main compartments for stuff.


  • Canvas in itself is not incredibly waterproof, nor is it very padded.