Jensen Double Din Stereo | Car Head Unit

Another strong contender for the title of the best double din car stereo, that should not be ignored. The Jensen adds it all in prom practical features to simply remarkable aptitudes. You can stream both music and videos, using apps like Pandora, Spotify and many others, all with just a few swipes with your finger. It is compatible with most Bluetooth devices, allowing you to drive without worrying about your safety while answering your calls since it’s all hands-free. You can connect your smartphone via apps, and it comes with a smart navigation system that’s sure to get you to your destination as quick and safe as possible.

double DIN Stereo


  • Built-in navigation and Bluetooth systems
  • Large, high-resolution LCD Touch Screen
  • A variety of selectable background images and user interface colors
  • Audio and Video Input
  • Remote and Steering Wheel control


  • In-built professional navigation system
  • Customizable user interface and background
  • Stress- free driving experience


  • Customer support services could use some improvement