Jamesdar Carnegie Gaming Desk

This computer desk is for the sophisticated gamer. With a wood grain veneer top, and multiple built in adjustable shelves to suit your set-up, there’s nothing that this desk doesn’t account for. The Jamesdar gaming desk is capable of holding one monitor on the central elevated shelf, with the other, smaller shelves for things such as speakers and desk accessories. This desk can hold more than one monitor on the main desktop, though it would take away some space for your keyboard and mouse. There are baskets on the underside of the desk that you can use to hold other small necessities, such as snacks, drinks, controllers and more. This is a good gaming desk that works in conjunction with any home office decor nicely.

gaming desk


  • Adjustable stand for one monitor
  • Ample desktop space
  • Storage for games, controllers, and organization for cords
  • Easy-clean veneer top.


  • Lots of space for your gaming rig both on top of and underneath the desk
  • Space for everything you need to enjoy your games completely
  • Lightweight and easy to move around


  • Not an ideal multi-monitor set up