Hoverheart Hoverboard with 6.5″ Wheels, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights

This hoverboard for sale by Hoverheart is functionally identical to the other hoverboard for kids by the same manufacturer earlier in this list. It features the same sturdy 6.5” wheels and LED lights that make the Hoverheart so enjoyable. This model also has built in Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to play your favorite music through a connected device. It can support up to 220 lbs, making it exceptionally sturdy and durable.

Hoverheart Hoverboard with 6.5 Wheels, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights


  • Bright, long-lasting LED lights
  • Powerful motor to travel up to 10 miles on a single charge
  • Fast initial charging time
  • Top speed of 10mph


  • Well balanced and exceptionally responsive
  • Powerful internal motor handles slopes very well


Bluetooth speaker quality is not the bes