Hiking Child Carrier Backpack with Ergonomic External Frame

If you need a perfect solution for carrying your baby on a hike, this may be the one. This child carrier for hiking is lightweight and highly functional. It can carry up to 40 lbs of weight that is distributed through a sturdy waist belt. The backpack features multiple adjustments for shoulder straps and includes a large duffle bag for more storage space. The protective side cushions will keep your child safe and comfy while the comfortable padded pillow will allow the child to rest their head and take a nap. Overall, this backpack is tested for safety and usability and, if you’re not satisfied with it, you can get a full refund.

Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier



  • Lightweight metal frame
  • Sturdy waist belt
  • Comfortable shoulder padding
  • Multiple adjustment options
  • Duffle bag
  • FDA approved hydration pouch
  • Protective side cushions
  • Full refund possible



  • Comfortable and secure
  • Lots of storage space plus additional duffle bag
  • Has protective and comfy side cushions and a pillow
  • Tested for safety
  • Can be adjusted in multiple ways


  • None