Furmax Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic Chair

The Furmax office chair is everything that you could possibly need in an office chair. It has soft, but sturdy cushions, an extendable footrest, as well as neck and lower back support cushions that can quickly and easily be removed. The thick padding offers superior comfort while ensuring that all major points are completely supported, which in turn makes long gaming sessions much more comfortable. Gone are the days where you would go numb after 7 hours of rigorous gaming. This chair eliminates the discomfort associated with sitting for long periods of time. 

gaming chair



  • 180 degree reclining
  • Extendable footrest
  • Thick padding for sitting
  • Ergonomic design



  • The footrest is the ideal companion to the reclining feature with this chair
  • Comfortable design ensures no more numbness when sitting for long periosd of time
  • Easily roll chair to your destination; no locking up of wheels


  • None