EastPoint Sports Ellington Foosball Table

Moving on, the third on our list of foosball table reviews is the EastPoint Ellington table, featuring robo-style players for enhanced accuracy and higher performance. This 60 inch table is actually a competition sized foosball table and it features steel rods with bushings that ensure smoother spinning and moving. The table also features bead style scoring, which helps keep track of the score throughout the match. Unlike the previously mentioned products, this table includes four specially textured foosballs. It also includes a shim pack for easier leveling on uneven terrains.

foosball table reviews


  • 60 inch regulation foosball table
  • Robo-style players
  • Steel rods with bushings
  • 4 textured foosball balls included
  • Shim pack included
  • Unique design



  • High performance
  • Better accuracy and control
  • Regulation foosball table
  • Unique design



  • None