Corehan Car Double DIN Stereo

This is a high-quality double din head unit. It comes with the latest 7 Android installed, which ups the multimedia game and bring up also a navigation system for your vehicle. It is as multifunctional as it can be, dealing just as fine with video as it does with audio, and being compatible with USBs and other devices. Wonderful for those voice calls or even a small karaoke contest, thanks to its internal and external microphones. It supports wifi connection, letting you download apps whenever you want for an enhanced experience. The screen is wide and HD so the multimedia aspect of it won’t go to waste.

double DIN Stereo


  • Android 7 Operating System
  • LCD wide Touch Screen
  • Comes with a navigation system
  • Supports multimedia, wifi, and backup cam
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth


  • Multifunctional
  • Offers driving assistance
  • Excellent for both music and movies alike
  • 2 Types of microphones for a clearer voice


  • For the people that are used with their smart devices that run like a flash, this product will seem slow in comparison