CLC Custom LeatherCraft 75 Pocket Small Tool Backpack

Small tool backpacks are nice for small jobs, but when you absolutely need everything possible, the CLC Custom LeatherCraft tool backpack is the best tool backpack for you. Featuring a whopping 75 pockets for all of your tools, bits, cords, and other necessities, this HVAC tool backpack takes preparedness to the next level. This heavy duty tool backpack has 3 zippered compartments that all have pockets of various sizes, great for organization and ease of access. It’s one of the biggest tool backpacks on the market today, which can also be a downside as it does get heavy when filled completely. 

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 75 Pocket Small Tool Backpack


  • 75 pockets, separated both inside and outside the 3 zippered compartments.
  • Made of durable ballistic polyester
  • Durable straps for the shoulders, as well as carrying straps.


  • Can hold all the tools you may or may not need for any given job
  • Won’t tear easily thanks to the ballistic polyester
  • Perfect for workers that need a hands-free solution


  • Heavy when filled completely.