Bluboon Vintage Canvas Backpack

Roomy and stylish, this canvas camera backpack is a great addition to any photographer’s collection. It’s great for holding all of your little accessories, as well as clothes and bulkier items when on the go. While it doesn’t have as much padding as traditional camera backpacks, it’s great for the person with a standard point-and-shoot camera. This canvas camera backpack has numerous pockets for a charge cable, memory cards, as well as daily necessities such as books, clothes, and toiletries. Ideal for the novice photographer. 

Bluboon Vintage Canvas Backpack


  • Soft, supple canvas material allows for stretching over time, and is incredibly durable.
  • Leather straps are strong and sturdy, keeping your things inside the backpack compartments.
  • 22.6L capacity; ideal for daily use.


  • Lots of pockets to help keep organized. Big pockets to store your bulkier and awkwardly shaped items, and small pockets for your earbuds, charge cords, and other little necessities.
  • The canvas is incredibly durable, which makes it a long lasting product.
  • Cheaper than traditional camera bags, with just as much room to put your stuff.


  • Not padded, which means lenses and cameras may break if the bag is dropped.