Besteker Video Camcorder Wifi Camcorder with External Microphone

Small, portable, and comes equipped with an external microphone, this is the best vlogging camera for under 200 dollars on the market. It’s small, but it’s powerful, boasting high framerates and even higher quality. The Besteker camcorder vlogging camera features Wifi file uploading, which allows you to upload your video almost instantly after recording. It also comes with a wide angle lens, a night-vision mode (which gives better quality in low-light conditions), as well as an auto-shut off. Great for new and experienced vloggers. 

best vlogging camera


  • Wifi file transfer from camcorder to phone or tablet
  • 24MP camera, and crisp 1080p video.
  • Comes with a wide angle lens, 35mm microphone, and HDMI, USB, and AVI cables.


  • Very lightweight and easy to use.
  • Pictures are clean and crisp, and videos aren’t grainy.
  • Charges quickly when not in use.


  • Battery life is short while taking pictures and recording, requiring more frequent charges.