Bella Vino Wine Decanter

Like the WSBEos wine decanter ,this product by Bella Vino features two openings for pouring wine in and out. The curved design allows wine to aerate through both ends, and the basin at the bottom holds wine in a decorative fashion while it settles .It does feature a much taller base, with more area to aerate the wine, making this a prime choice for wine-lovers looking for a decorative and alluring decanter. 

Bella Vino Wine Decanter


  • High-grade, lead-free crystal ensures that your wine is safe while it sits in the decanter
  • Easy pour ensures wine goes in the glass, not anywhere else.
  • Functional and decorative.


  • Holds up to 750 ml of wine without issue
  • Works very well as a decanter


  • Hard to clean and dry effectively.