Ablue Ultra HD 4K Portable Digital Video Camera

Another entry for “best vlogging camera under 200 dollars”, this is the best vlogging camera for professional vloggers. Along with exceptional 4k recording capabilities, the Ablue digital camcorder features an exceptional recording experience without sacrificing quality. It comes with a wide angle lens to get all the action at once, as well as high-powered graphics to ensure that every moment is crystal clear. It has WiFi functionality, meaning you can record your videos and then download them directly to your phone or tablet without the need for cords. Great for people familiar with the art of vlogging, and need to quickly and efficiently upload videos on a regular basis. 

best vlogging camera


  • WiFi functionality
  • Wide and Regular lenses
  • Up to 4k video quality
  • AV/USB and HDMI cable



  • Exceptional recording quality and frame-rate
  • Can cut out the middle-man and upload directly from device
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.