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Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

If you want the best for your vehicle, getting a good fuel injector cleaner is the way to go. The best fuel injector cleaners keep your vehicle running in any situation; rain or shine, heat or cold. But how do you choose a fuel injector cleaner for you? This fuel injector cleaner review aims to pick out the best fuel injector cleaners that work for most any vehicle.


Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Fuel System Cleaner

This fuel injector is great for fuel systems that need a fresh start. It’s one of the best fuel injector cleaner products for both new and old vehicles, as it cleans and protects your fuel lines from future damage. The Chevron concentrate fuel injector cleaner restores your fuel line functions, and helps to protect against idling damage and build-up in your primary systems. It is best used every 3000 miles for every-day use vehicles such as cars and trucks, but can be used as needed for less frequently used vehicles (such as motorcycles, RV’s, and other recreational vehicles).

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner
  • Cleans and protects fuel lines
  • Prevents damage
  • Provides fuel stability
  • Long lasting protection from damage
  • Treats all engines and fuel tanks


BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner

This fuel injector cleaner from BG is a great fuel injector cleaner for all of your fuel line cleaning needs. It is proven to quickly and efficiently clean and maintain your fuel lines and combustion chambers for longer than competing brands. This particular brand of fuel injector cleaner will drastically improve your fuel efficiency, allowing gasoline to flow naturally through your lines and chambers without needing to deal with years of built up gunk and debris. Use when needed, or with every routine oil change for best results. 

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner
  • Fully compatible with all fuel models
  • Efficient protection from build-up
  • Cleans after just one use
  • Long lasting protection from damage
  • Treats all engines and fuel tanks


Lucas 10013 Fuel Injector Cleaner

Heavy duty fuel cleaning in a convenient package, Lucas’ fuel injector cleaner fluid is the best fuel injector cleaner for your car, truck, or SUV. It quickly and efficiently flushes out fuel lines, creating a smoother, more sound system for fuel to flow through. This fuel injector cleaner helps to prolong the life of your pumps and injector, meaning you spend less money on replacement parts for your vehicle. 

lucas fuel injector cleaner
  • Cleans and lubricates fuel line systems
  • Protects from damage
  • All purpose injector cleaner
  • Works on all vehicles, including recreational RV’s and motorcycles
  • Good even in extreme heat


Lucas 10003 Fuel Cleaner 32oz

Another great fuel injector cleaner by Lucas Product, this time in a smaller and easier to manage container. This 32 oz package does the same work as the 1 gallon jug mentioned above, lubricating fuel lines and preventing build-up over time. It helps to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency, which in turn will help keep your vehicle in operation for a longer amount of time. As with other fuel injector cleaners, use when needed, or with a regular oil change for best results. 

lucas fuel injector cleaner
  • The slick oils and additives ensure minimal build-up over tiem
  • Ideal for all makes and models of vehicle
  • Maximum efficiency for the life of the vehicle
  • Cleans and protects fuel lines and injectors


Redline Complete Fuel System Cleaner

The Redline fuel injector cleaner doesn’t look like much, but big things come in small packages. Just one bottle can keep your fuel lines running for months, and after one application you will be running at nearly 100% efficiency. This fuel injector cleaner doesn’t just make your system more efficient, it also ensures that there will be less build up by the next application, allowing your car to run faster, more efficiently, and with fewer complications than before. 

fuel injector cleaner
  • Efficient cleaning in just one bottle.
  • Safe for repeated use
  • Reduces consumption
  • Works on any state of vehicle, from new to neglected
  • One application is enough for most vehicles
  • Expensive for such a small bottle.

Liqui Moly Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner

Liqui Moly fuel injector cleaner guarantees fast efficient start-up with fewer stalls and complications. It achieves this by lubricating the fuel lines and the fuel injectors to allow for smoother operation while the car is in use, and it doesn’t allow build-up while the car is idling. This fuel injector cleaner also promises cleaner combustion than other brands. 

fuel injector cleaners
  • Efficient operation
  • Made of Synthetic oils
  • Guaranteed fewer stalls
  • Increases the life-span of fuel injectors


12 oz Chevron 67740 Techron Concentrate Cleaner (Pack of 6)

This pack of 6 fuel injector cleaners is ideal for someone with an older car, or for the economy buyer. Each bottle contains 12oz of the best fuel injector cleaner all around for all models of vehicle. Guaranteed smoother start-ups, fewer stalls, and more efficient operation with any vehicle. Whether you run a 2017 model or a 1980 model, this stuff is sure to give your car the boost it needs when you need it. 

fuel injector cleaners
  • More bang for your buck
  • Fast, efficient cleaning
  • Economic purchase
  • Get’s fuel lines and fuel injectors clean after just one application
  • Keeps working through to your next oil change


Best Double DIN Stereo

Even though there are not many differences between the functionality of single DINS and double DINS, increasingly more people go for the latter simply because is convenient.

If their car already comes with a double din head unit why change the format?  Not to mention that switching from a double to a single is rather tricky. Here he will review the best double DIN stereos at an affordable price.

BOSS Audio Car Double DIN Stereo

It might be considered a cheap double DIN car stereo, compared to other products available on the market. It has a digital LCD monitor controlled via touchscreen technology. A wireless remote can take care of this aspect if you’d rather prefer it over the touchscreen. Via Bluetooth, it can connect to your mobile phone and even stream audio from compatible devices. It has plenty of auxiliary inputs, from a USB port to an SD card port and an AV to connect to your other devices without a problem. You also have the possibility to expand your system with a maximum of  3 amplifiers.

best Double DIN Stereo
  • Touchscreen digital monitor
  • Outputs up to 80 watts  x4 power
  • Comes with in-built Bluetooth
  • Multiple inputs for auxiliary
  • RDS tuner
  • Double DIN
  • Is compatible with smartphones and other devices
  • It supports SD memory cards
  • Can be controlled via wireless remote
  • A very appealing warranty of 3 years

There seem to be some problems with the internal software, but nothing that can’t be resolved by a proper installation and responsible use.

Regetek Double Din Car Stereo Head Unit with Rearview Camera

An affordable double din head unit that comes with the most coveted features for such product. It can be controlled by a wireless remote, steering wheel controls or by simply using the Touchscreen incorporated monitor. It also comes with a high definition rearview camera that can always be of use. The USB And the Auxiliar inputs are built in, while the subwoofer has an output. It has an incorporated Bluetooth function and is compatible with smartphones, tablets and other devices like mp3s. Its main appeal is the wide variety of functions at a decent price.

best double DIN stereo
  • Maximum output power of 50Watts
  • 7 inch Touch Screen
  • It has both Aux and AV inputs
  • Implemented with Bluetooth for hands-free functions and wider connection to other devices
  • High- definition rearview camera
  • Great quality-price balance
  • It has RCA plugs for subwoofers
  • It comes with a TF memory card slot
  • Options for regulating the sound
  • Can be a little harder to install, and some vehicles might require a special kit to successfully position it

Pioneer FH Double Din Head Unit

This Pioneer model is one of the best double din head unit for the money, available for purchase. It’s perfect for those that like to customize it more, offering up the possibility of choosing between multiple color themes. It comes with Pioneer’s signature Mitrax technology, that creates an ongoing mix of your library, along with an interesting list of sound effects. Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs are available, but this product also brings along the possibility of controlling your via compatible apps. The general design is also very enticing, and dust-free.

double DIN head unit
  • 50 watts power with 4 amplifiers
  • 5- Band graphic equalizer
  • Multi-segmented LCD display with multiple colored LED backlights
  • Mitrax Technology and Pandora for iPhones
  • Best double din for sound quality
  • Opportunities to personalize your device by choosing your favorite LED color or via Pandora that allows voting songs and bookmarking for a customized experience
  • The anti-dust design that’s a novelty
  • Many satisfied customers thanks to the abundance of features at an affordable price
  • It is an older model so, some of the functions can be considered as outdated for someone interested in the techie aspects of this product

Corehan Car Double DIN Stereo

This is a high-quality double din head unit. It comes with the latest 7 Android installed, which ups the multimedia game and bring up also a navigation system for your vehicle. It is as multifunctional as it can be, dealing just as fine with video as it does with audio, and being compatible with USBs and other devices. Wonderful for those voice calls or even a small karaoke contest, thanks to its internal and external microphones. It supports wifi connection, letting you download apps whenever you want for an enhanced experience. The screen is wide and HD so the multimedia aspect of it won’t go to waste.

Best Double DIN Car Stereo
  • Android 7 Operating System
  • LCD wide Touch Screen
  • Comes with a navigation system
  • Supports multimedia, wifi, and backup cam
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth
  • Multifunctional
  • Offers driving assistance
  • Excellent for both music and movies alike
  • 2 Types of microphones for a clearer voice
  • For the people that are used with their smart devices that run like a flash, this product will seem slow in comparison

Ironpeas Double Din Car Stereo

This product is by far the best cheap double din car stereo on this list. It has a steering wheel and remote control option besides the simple touchscreen technology. It is easy to use, with the, now basic, Bluetooth implemented for calls and connecting multiple devices. For some extra safety, it goes a bit further by having a rear camera and a video connector jack to ensure a problem-free parking. The video quality is HD to make sure you won’t miss any details when surveying the road or broadcasting a favorite video.

best double din car stereo
  • 60 watts x 4 maximum power
  • Widescreen LCD display with Touch Screen and an easy user interface
  • Steering wheel and remote control available
  • Compatible with images, audio and video formats
  • It remembers your last tracks
  • It has a remarkable lifetime warranty which says a lot about how confident is the brand of its product’s quality
  • Very easy to use
  • It will be harder to install because it does not a perfect fit for the double din size standards

Jensen Double Din Stereo | Car Head Unit

Another strong contender for the title of the best double din car stereo, that should not be ignored. The Jensen adds it all in prom practical features to simply remarkable aptitudes. You can stream both music and videos, using apps like Pandora, Spotify and many others, all with just a few swipes with your finger. It is compatible with most Bluetooth devices, allowing you to drive without worrying about your safety while answering your calls since it’s all hands-free. You can connect your smartphone via apps, and it comes with a smart navigation system that’s sure to get you to your destination as quick and safe as possible.

Jensen Double DIN Car Stereo
  • Built-in navigation and Bluetooth systems
  • Large, high-resolution LCD Touch Screen
  • A variety of selectable background images and user interface colors
  • Audio and Video Input
  • Remote and Steering Wheel control
  • In-built professional navigation system
  • Customizable user interface and background
  • Stress- free driving experience
  • Customer support services could use some improvement

Pioneer MVH Double Din Car Receiver

Yet another Pioneer double din head unit. Newer and cheaper than the last one it comes with very similar features. With their signature Mitrax technology, Spotify and Pandora access, built-in Bluetooth and a plus of compatibility with Android and iPhone systems. It has a wide variety of applications but remains simple to install for anyone, thanks to the chassis small depth. This is a great pick for anyone interested in the Pioneer brand that wanted something a little different than what the last model in this list offered.

  • Power goes up to 50 watts x 4
  • Comes with app control
  • Implemented Mitrax technology
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone devices


  • Smaller depth for an easier installation process
  • Same Pioneer quality in a newer, more affordable version
  • None

Kenwood DDX374BT 2-DIN Bluetooth In-Dash

The Kenwood is a double din stereo that’s hard to pass by. It features the same Bluetooth technology, but with an enhanced sound quality and the bonus of easier to understand Android and iPhone controls. It does benefit more the people that use Apple products since it offers the possibility of using voice commands for Siri. Enjoy your music or favorite movies while driving with this handy and efficient device.

Kenwood DDX374BT 2-DIN Bluetooth In-Dash
  • 50 watts maximum power with 4 build in amplifiers
  • Special controls for iPhone, iPod, and iPad
  • Compatible with Pandora
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Very useful for Apple products enthusiasts
  • Highly customizable experience, with an abundance of color illumination
  • Overall simplified interface for a simpler use
  • It does not have the best Bluetooth function compared to other products on this list, so it requires some extra patience when using it

Pumpkin Android 9.0 Double DIN Car Stereo

This is a rather pricey double din heat unit, even taking the spotlight as the most expensive item on this list. But that price comes for good reasons as this provides an extra experience. It comes with the latest version of Android installed, and with plenty of space for downloading apps. A useful wifi antenna for better signal, cameras for both the dashboard and the rear, HD quality videos, and sound, and that’s just some highlights. The best thing about it is the almost universal size, as it will fit most vehicles in a breeze.

Android 9.0 Double DIN Car Stereo
  • Digital Touch Screen that’s color adjustable
  • In-built GPS
  • Wifi antenna
  • Maximum power up to 50watts x 4
  • Android 9.0 Double DIN Car Stereo
  • Great for both multimedia and navigation
  • Multiple cameras available
  • The antenna that improves the wifi signal for better on the go internet connection
  • The possibility of it being installed in almost any vehicle thanks to the universal size
  • The price will with no doubt be a major downside for many people, even though the product’s features make it worth every penny

Pioneer MVH 6,2” Double Din Car Receiver iPhone

Pioneer double din head units sure take a lot of space on this list, don’t they? This is, however, the model that takes a coin or two more from your pockets than the others. Like the Kenwood, it seems to benefit more iPhone and iPod users as it is fully compatible with those devices. Although, through Bluetooth, it is capable of hands-free calling and music streaming. All in all, it is a nice addition to the Pioneer series and is wonderful for Apple lovers.

double din stereo for iphone
  • Built-in Bluetooth  great for streaming and voice calls
  • It comes with a backup camera
  • Compatible with iPhones and iPods
  • Inputs for USB and Aux
  • Enhanced call quality thanks to the frequency having its bandwidth doubled
  • It auto connect to Bluetooth devices that are nearby
  • Very responsive touch screen
  • The screen does not come with a high resolution and people looking for a multimedia experience might be disappointed.

Sell My Junk Car for Cash

sell junk car for cash

If you have an old junk car that takes up space in your garage and you think it’s worthless, stop right there! Before you give away your old car or let a nearby junk yard take it away as a favor to you, consider the fact that every car is worth something. No matter how trashed or broken down it is, that old piece of junk car in your garage can bring a few buck to your wallet. You can sell your junk car for cash easily but there are a few tricks you need to be aware of before you start looking for the right buyer.

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