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Tips on Buying a Cheap Hoverboard

cheap hoverboard
  1. Make sure the hoverboard is by the UL which is an independent safety company.
  2. Hoverboards are not recommended for little children.
  3. Consider reputable brands such as Razor Hoverboards.
  4. Hoverboard battery charging time.
  5. Speed and range of the electric hoverboard.
  6. Watch out for price. Some brands overcharge and really don’t provide extra. performance from other cheap hoverboard brands. 
  7. Is your hoverboard legal? Some municipalities have outlawed these products.


cheap hoverboard
Shopping for a cheap hoverboard


When shopping for a cheap hoverboard, you want one that is certified by the UL. Some knockoffs are not and this could be a safety concern. Always double check for the certification before you buy a really cheap hoverboard.

Hoverboards can be dangerous toys for children under 9. The child must be careful and aware of their surroundings, such a other pedestrians or vehicles.

Choosing a more established hoverboard brand can go along way. These companies have better quality components and safety. It’s probably smarter to go with a brand such a Razor when choosing a cheap hoverboard.

Hoverboard battery charging times vary on the model number and manufacturer. Some companies claim charging in as little as three hours.

Hoverboard speed and range can vary between 2-12 mph. Range depends on the how level the terrain is and the weight of the rider. You can expect 2-3 hours of use on most models. Really cheap hoverboards will get less.

When choosing your hoverboard be aware the more expensive models might not provide much more performance than a cheaper one. Always research the specs before you buy.

Again, check with your local laws because some cities have banned hoverboards. They consider them dangerous or a nuisance. 

So, when shopping for a super cheap hoverboard make sure to consider these items and get a unit that has good specs and warranty. Check out our hoverboard reviews article to learn more. Have fun and be safe!