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Best Hoverboards

hoverboards under 200

Hoverboards are a new and trending toy that makes it feel like you’re gliding across the ground. Often, it’s fitted with two wheels that roll smoothly along any flat surface, and you control it by directing your weight in the way you want the hoverboard to go. While this isn’t really “hovering” in the traditional sense of the word, it’s about as close as we can get until actual hoverboards are created, or we invent time travel. Hoverboards in this sense are essentially smaller, lighter, and nicer-looking segways, able to be used by children and adults alike. If you’re looking for some hoverboards on sale, there’s a lot to keep in mind.

How much does a hoverboard cost?

Many people ask “how much is a hoverboard”, and for good reason; the top rated hoverboards have a lot of bells and whistles, which makes them more expensive. The cost of a hoverboard usually runs between 100 and 300 dollars, but most people will want to look for a hoverboard under 200 dollars. Some of the best brand hoverboard models can go as high as 500 and 600 dollars, but those are the top hoverboards with features that can be found in many cheap hoverboards. When looking for your cheap hoverboard under 200 dollars, you first want to ensure that it’s self-stabilizing. Self stabilization helps you get on and off the hoverboard without running off into a wall and taking you with it. You also want to ensure that the hoverboard complies with any and all safety standards; because the hoverboard is basically a scooter without a handle, there’s a lot that can go wrong. A hoverboard that complies with safety checks helps minimize the injury caused by the product going haywire (if it does at all). Any other features that the hoverboard possesses are extra bonuses. Some cheap hoverboards have bluetooth speakers, while others have various light settings. Many top rated hoverboards have multiple user settings, from learner to expert, which changes the speed and stabilisation as you use.


How a hoverboard works:

Step onto the flat surface of the hoverboard, your feet firmly planted on the foot pads. Then, by slowly directing your weight in the direction you want to go, your hoverboard will start to glide over the surface, carrying you along with it. To stop, stand up straight and step off the hoverboard. It works like a skateboard in a sense, except without you having to push it along with your foot. Easy, simple, and feels like you’re gliding on air. 

Swagtron App-Enabled Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboard 200 Dollars Price Range

The Swagtron hoverboard is the best hoverboard toy for kids and teens. It features a rock-steady ride with 6.5” tires to ensure maximum stability while gliding over any surface. The equipped Bluetooth speakers are sure to be a hit, and can connect to any iPhone or Android device in a snap. Play your favorite songs as you roll down the street. The LED “headlights” are a stylish touch while also ensuring that you can be seen in low light conditions. 

This would be considered one of the better products in the hoverboard 200 dollar range.

Swagtron App-Enabled Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboard
  • Bright, clearly visible headlights
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Self-Balancing
  • UL safety certified
  • Hoverboard 200 dollars
  • A clean ride and an easy glide make this a great toy for kids and teens
  • Travels up to 7.5mph, and can takle 30 degree inclines with ease
  • The sleek design is cool and trendy. 


XPRIT Self Balancing Scooters/Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

This top rated hoverboard for kids features a powerful motor and sturdy wheels to get you to where you need to go at a fast 6.5mph speed. It can hold up to 220 lbs, and the super responsive turning is easy to get the hang of. This hoverboard for kids also features a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play your music while you ride with superb quality. LED lights located on the front of the hoverboard ensure that you can be seen in low light conditions. 

Self Balancing Hoverboard
  • UL safety certified
  • 6.5” hard wheels for traction
  • Bright LED lights ensure visibility
  • Bluetooth Speaker to play music while you ride
  • The speaker is clear, and can be heard even when being used outside
  • Hoverboard can hold up to 220lbs, or a minimum of 44lbs.
  • Can travel up to 9 miles, depending on charge, weight, and frequency of use. 
  • Must be charged frequently, but leaving it on the charger for extended periods of time may cause it to not retain that charge.

GOTRAX Hoverfly Hoverboard - UL2272 Self Balancing Hover Board w/Bluetooth Speakers | Best Hoverboard Under 200 Dollars

The GOTRAX Hoverfly is a uniquely different hoverboard, as it features a high-powered motor to take it farther than any other hoverboard on the market. This hoverboard can travel for up to 12 miles on a full charge, at a speed of up to 7.4mph. This is the best hoverboard for kids, but because it can hold up to 220 lbs, it is also great for adults as well. It has an easy learning curve with the self-balancing board function, you’ll be less inclined to slip and fall off the board, especially if you’re unfamiliar with hoverboards in general. Our pick of Best Hoverboard Under 200 Dollars.

best hoverboard under 200
  • Self-Balancing scooter with UL safety certification
  • LED lights for maximum visibility
  • Large, stable wheels and incredibly powerful internal motor
  • 7.4mph top speed; 12 mile top distance. 
  • 36V Hoverboard Battery
  • Travels farther than other hoverboards, with a faster top speed
  • Super stable during use, allowing even new hoverboarders to learn quickly
  • Really inexpensive at under $200


  • Not too many considering the price point

Swagtron T1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

The Swagtron T1 is the lighter, faster, and generally more up-to-date version of the Swagtron T580. It features a stronger motor, a better-holding charge, and is easier to handle and control that its counterpart. On the whole, this is one of the best hoverboard brands for teens and adults, as you get more distance per charge, with a tighter turn radius and a faster response time than other hoverboard models. Additionally, this hoverboard has two riding modes to help familiarize new riders with the hoverboard. 

Swagtron T1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter
  • 250 Watt motor
  • 7-12 miles per charge, and an hour charge time
  • Self balancing hoverboard
  • LED lights for optimal visibility
  • Light but sturdy, great for frequent users
  • After the initial charge, the battery will last for a good 4-6 hours.
  • Learning mode and Standard mode for all types of riders. 


Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Sleek design and superior technology come together in this hoverboard design. The Razor Hovertrax is powerful, with a 350 watt motor to ensure that you can go for hours without stopping. The short 1 hour charge time allows you to get on the road faster, and the UL safety certification ensures that you get to your destination in one piece. This hoverboard utilizes self-balancing technology, letting you get on and off without worrying about falling over. This is the best hoverboard for kids and adults, and is a strong contender for being one of the best hoverboards of all time.

You might also be interested in the Razor Electric Skateboard which is a simlar product, but in the skateboard version.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Hoverboard
  • Bright LED lights on the front allow for maximum visibility
  • Powerful internal motor
  • Up to 60 minutes of continuous use
  • Can support up to 220 pounds
  • The powerful engine tackles slopes up to 30 degrees with ease
  • Self stabilizing hoverboard makes it easy for new riders to start riding right away
  • Batteries can be switched out mid-ride for a longer ride time.
  • Short ride time compared to other models. 

Hoverheart Hoverboard with 6.5" Wheels, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights

This hoverboard for sale by Hoverheart is functionally identical to the other hoverboard for kids by the same manufacturer earlier in this list. It features the same sturdy 6.5” wheels and LED lights that make the Hoverheart so enjoyable. This model also has built in Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to play your favorite music through a connected device. It can support up to 220 lbs, making it exceptionally sturdy and durable. 

Hoverheart Hoverboard
  • Bright, long-lasting LED lights
  • Powerful motor to travel up to 10 miles on a single charge
  • Fast initial charging time
  • Top speed of 10mph
  • Well balanced and exceptionally responsive
  • Powerful internal motor handles slopes very well 
  • Bluetooth speaker quality is not the best

CHO Self-Balancing 6.5" Wheels Original Hoverboard

This hoverboard under 200 dollars is a great first choice for people looking into getting a hoverboard. New and old hoverboard enthusiasts will love the feel of this hoverboard. It’s easy to get on and off, and will self stabilize while riding. It features LED lights, heavy duty wheels, and a built in bluetooth speaker that allows you to play any number of songs from your connected devices. It’s a great, sturdy hoverboard under 200 dollars, which makes it a great gift for kids and teens. 

CHO Self-Balancing 6.5" Wheels Original Hoverboard
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Top speed of 8mph
  • Charge time of 3-5 hours
  • Self-stabilizing
  • Great quality for the price
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Bright LED front lights for visibility


OTTO Hoverboard Self Balancing and Bluetooth Speakers

This has every feature you could want in the top hoverboards. It’s smooth and sleek, with wide wheels to allow for any kind of terrain. It has integrated bluetooth speakers that can play from any bluetooth-enabled device, as well as bright LED flashing lights to increase visibility while riding. It’s a self balancing hoverboard with all of the required UL safety certifications, so whether it’s a child or an adult riding, they get a safe, secure, and completely fun ride. 

OTTO Hoverboard
  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers
  • Bright, long lasting LED lights
  • Self stabilization
  • Easy to use and set up, especially for first time users
  • Simple set up: charge and go
  • Sturdy construction holds up to 220 lbs
  • May need to be recalibrated frequently. 

Razor Electric Ripstik Review

The Razor Electric Ripstik is one of the more affordable hover boards in the under 100 dollar range. It functions very similar to the other products we have reviewed, but has a smaller 100 watt battery. It will cruise up to 10 mph and has a 22V lithium ion battery.

electric ripstik review
  • ages 9 and up
  • hoverboard battery lasts up to 40 minutes with the new Power Core Technology from Razor
  • Max rider weight of 143 lbs
  • affordable price point of a hoverboard 100 dollars
  • lightweight
  • only has a max rider weight of 143 lbs


The best hoverboard is a hoverboard you can use frequently and without fear. Many hoverboards on the market today feature bright lights and great speakers. When looking for your next hoverboard, look at the weight restrictions, as well as how sturdy it is. Ensure that the hoverboard has lights so that you’re visible at night, should you go out doors with your hoverboard. As well, some states have restrictions on how and where you can use your hoverboard, so reading up on your state’s regulations regarding these toys is an absolute must. Above all, though, have fun with your new hoverboard!