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Best Tool Backpacks

HVAC tool backpacks

When you’re someone that needs to use a variety of tools on the job, you want a way to carry them quickly and easily from site to site. A backpack tool bag is the way to do just that. An HVAC tool backpack is a small, heavy-duty backpack that can hold all of your tools, such as wrenches, pliers, wire-cutters, HVAC tools, and even your cordless drill. The best backpack tool bag is one with lots of pockets to quickly and efficiently store your tools, and have them ready to use when you need them on the jobsite.

Look for a tool backpack that has all of the necessary features you need to safely and securely carry your tools. The best backpack tool bag has numerous small and large pockets, and occasionally might have an LED light to further aid in your work. Ensure that the tool backpack has plenty of room to store larger items such as extension cords, drills, or even a laptop if you need one. An HVAC tool backpack is a great choice for people such as electricians and cable installation persons, while a small tool backpack is ideal for plumbers and other small space workers. Generally, when looking at a small tool backpack, you’d be looking at a price that’s reasonably under $100, but depending on the size and the features, you can go well over $100 for a good HVAC tool backpack.

This snapshot review aims to narrow down the best backpack tool bag options and give you informed options as to what backpack tool bag is right for you and your work. 

CLC Custom Leathercraft 44 Pocket Carpenter's Tool Backpack

The CLC Custom LeatherCraft HVAC tool backpack is a not too big, not too small tool backpack that can fit virtually anywhere you need it. It’s the ideal size for keeping inside the truck, and can be quickly and easily carried to and from a jobsite. It has 44 pockets to hold everything from your pliers and wrench, to even your trusty drill and bits. The pockets provide ample organization that allows you to grab what you need quickly and efficiently, getting the job done right without needing to stop and think “did I bring that?” 

Leathercraft 44 Pocket Carpenter's Tool Backpack
  • 44 pockets of various sizes for organization
  • 2 main zippered compartments, large enough for drill/battery
  • Shoulder straps and back support
  • Feet on bottom of bag to help keep tools dry.
  • Optimal organization and storage options for work and at home
  • Durable canvas material ensures product longevity
  • Comfortable, easy to carry, and easy to wear.
  • To get to the interior pockets, the backpack must be opened completely. 

Klein Tools Pro Organizer Backpack

This small tool backpack by Klein Tools has just enough pockets to keep your necessities, but not too much else. It has 39 pockets in total; the smaller ones inside for your wrenches and screwdrivers, and other little necessities, and a large main compartment for taller tools, such as a hammer. It’s made of a water-resistant ballistic nylon fabric, which is ideal for wet and muddy job sites, and the plasticized bottom helps protect your things if you need to set it down on the ground. While it doesn’t have any separate pocket for laptop, it’s great for small, off-site jobs that do not require too many tools. 

Klein Tools Pro Organizer Backpack
  • Long main compartment for long tools, and small compartments inside for small tools.
  • Durable, ballistic nylon to stand up to rough terrain and heavy handling.
  • Padded back and straps for easy carrying.
  • Plastic bottom helps to protect against rough terrain, and gives added support. 
  • Tall, and can hold enough tools for virtually any job.
  • Durable; will last for years of use if kept in good condition.
  • Easy access to tools both inside and out.


  • Smaller carrying capacity than other backpacks on the market.

DEWALT Lighted Tool Backpack HVAC Tool Backpack

The DeWalt lighted tool backpack is the best backpack tool bag for people who work in dark, enclosed, and otherwise cramped places. It’s a small tool backpack that has 57 pockets, 9 of which are outside and 48 inside for optimal organization and easy-access. The small LED light integrated into the tool backpack is a great source of light that will allow you greater visibility in dark areas, perfect for electricians and plumbers. The material is strong, and the handles are great for carrying to and from the work-site. The padded back and shoulder straps are incredibly comfortable even while the tool backpack is fully stocked. 

DEWALT Lighted Tool Backpack
  • 57 multi-use pockets, ideal for tools of many different sizes
  • LED light for dark working environments
  • Backpack feet for elevation on wet surfaces, plus protection
  • Durable fabric for a long lasting product
  • HVAC tool backpack
  • The pockets are well placed, and allow for easy access to all of your tools
  • Big enough for important tools like drills, small enough for easy transport
  • Durable, weather-resistant fabric makes this great for indoors and outdoors


CLC Custom LeatherCraft 75 Pocket Small Tool Backpack

Small tool backpacks are nice for small jobs, but when you absolutely need everything possible, the CLC Custom LeatherCraft tool backpack is the best tool backpack for you. Featuring a whopping 75 pockets for all of your tools, bits, cords, and other necessities, this HVAC tool backpack takes preparedness to the next level. This heavy duty tool backpack has 3 zippered compartments that all have pockets of various sizes, great for organization and ease of access. It’s one of the biggest tool backpacks on the market today, which can also be a downside as it does get heavy when filled completely. 

 CLC Custom LeatherCraft 75 Pocket Small Tool Backpack
  • 75 pockets, separated both inside and outside the 3 zippered compartments.
  • Made of durable ballistic polyester
  • Durable straps for the shoulders, as well as carrying straps.
  • Can hold all the tools you may or may not need for any given job
  • Won’t tear easily thanks to the ballistic polyester
  • Perfect for workers that need a hands-free solution
  • Heavy when filled completely. 

Rugged Tools Pro Tool 40 Pocket Backpack

This heavy duty tool backpack by Rugged Tools has 40 pockets in total, with enough room to put in your drill and extension cords. Ideal for plumbers, electricians, cable/internet installers and more. The molded bottom provides exceptional durability and support, and the padded back and shoulder straps ensure that you’re comfortable all through the workday. This tool backpack is similar in function to the Klein Tools model above, with a few more pockets and some other design changes. On the whole, it’s the best tool backpack for anyone who wants a light, yet hardworking tool backpack. 

Rugged Tools Pro Tool 40 Pocket Backpack
  • 40 pockets for all of your tools
  • Molded hard bottom to keep your things safe
  • Heavy-duty and durable polyester construction
  • Comfortable back and shoulder supports.
  • Can hold all of your tools, including a drill and cords.
  • Great product for the price, very well made
  • Holds everything from your 14 piece wrench set to the cordless drill and battery.
  • No pocket for a small laptop. 

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 53-pocket Lighted Backpack

Like the DeWalt lighted backpack, this heavy duty tool backpack from CLC Custom LeatherCraft features numerous pockets and an LED light for dark and confined spaces. There’s ample room to hold all of your tools and have them readily available when opening the tool backpack. There’s also a lot of room to hold some of your bigger tools, such as a drill and some cords. Overall, it’s a well-made, heavy duty tool backpack that allows you to fully optimize your work habits by having everything well within reach. 

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 53-pocket Lighted Backpack
  • Built in LED for navigating dark places
  • Sturdy back straps and hand-carry straps for optimal transportation
  • Straps to carry a cordless drill and battery
  • Straps are comfortable, and the sternum strap gives added support
  • Long lasting LED light ensures you won’t be left in the dark
  • 53 total pockets inside and outside the tool backpack


Milwaukee Jobsite Tool Backpack

The Milwaukee Jobsite Tool Backpack is the ideal go-to tool backpack because it’s small, durable, and keeps all of your tools in one place. It’s specially designed to help organize your tools so that they are ready for use no matter where you are. As a bonus, this small tool backpack also comes equipped with a protected 15.6” laptop sleeve, ideal for anyone who sets up cable and internet, or requires the use of a laptop for other on-site work. Additionally, the strap structure makes it incredibly easy to transport while on the work site, and it’s small enough to fit in any car or work truck with ease. This bag will also make an excellent HVAC tool backpack.

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack
  • Made of 1680 Ballistic Material
  • Laptop sleeve for laptops up to 15.6”
  • 35 pockets for storing and organizing tools
  • Molded base for optimal support
  • Enough space to hold all of the necessities for any job
  • Large pockets for large tools
  • Comfortable to wear throughout the day
  • A very small tool backpack.

When it comes to picking your next HVAC tool backpack, it’s important to ensure that it has both the space and the features that you need to operate efficiently on the job. A good set of cushioned straps is always a nice thing to look for, but extra bonuses such as an LED light and a place to put your cordless drill are always welcomed. The best tool backpack types integrate all of the above features, allowing you greater flexibility while on and off the job site. Backpack tool bags aren’t always expensive, but the price will give you a good idea of the kind of quality you can expect.