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Best Gaming Desk

Best Gaming Desks

A PC gaming desk is a great thing to have if you’re an avid gamer. Gaming desks are specifically designed to hold multiple monitors, as well as all of your accessories for when you’re strapped in for a gaming session. Looking for a gaming station computer desk can be tough, as there are many choices to choose from, but these reviews hope to narrow down the search, and help you choose the top gaming desk for you.

The best desk for PC gaming doesn’t stick to one tried and true formula. In fact, the best gaming desks vary widely in their features, but almost all of them will have a wide surface with which to display at least a couple of monitors. Ample space underneath the gaming desk is also a necessity, because any computer tower worth its salt will need lots of airflow to prevent overheating. Ergonomic options on a gaming computer desk are great, even better if they allow you to adjust the height of the desk to suit your needs.

Gaming Desks Under $200

There are lots of gaming computer desks under $200. Their light frames make them top choices for people who move their gaming dens around often. A lightweight gaming desk doesn’t have to be unstable, however. Many of these PC gaming desks are large enough to hold all of your computer necessities, but also remain light enough to move around at will. Keep in mind the amount of space you have, and choose a desk that best fits in your gaming den

So what makes a computer desk the best computer gaming desk? The obvious answer is to look for lots of desk space and lots of room to move, as well as places to organize your cords, controllers, headsets and more. These are must-haves for any avid gamer, as they give the most freedom to organize and sort all of your accessories. While not all gaming desks have all the bells and whistles that the more expensive desks have, a flat topped computer gaming desk is still a great choice for holding monitors and your tower alike. Occasionally, you’ll see other fun additions, such as snack holders and keyboard shelves. All of these features make for a great gaming experience. 

Atlantic Gaming Computer Desk

This computer desk from Atlantic is a stylish and functional addition to any avid gamer’s workspace. It features a sleek, carbon fiber top with sturdy metal legs equipped with places to hold your necessities such as drinks and snacks. It also allows for a monitor of up to 32” to be placed on the elevated stand, which adds to the ergonomic value of this computer desk. The Atlantic gaming computer desk also allows for increased organization, with several built in options for cables, cords, headphones and more. For the best PC gaming desk under $200, look no further than the Atlantic. 

best gaming desk
  • Carbon Fiber laminated top
  • Thin, but sturdy legs for optimal space saving
  • Lots of built in accessories, such as speakers, cord management, and a charge port.
  • This desk has everything a gamer could need on a thin and lightweight frame.
  • Supports elevated monitors up to 32”, great for long gaming sessions
  • Large, roomy top for optimal gaming arrangements. 


Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is the best gaming desk for gamers with a multi-monitor set-up. This expansive computer desk allows for up to three monitors to fully immerse you in your gaming experience, with plenty of room left over for your keyboard and mouse. The desk itself is very simple in design, with a flat top and two sturdy legs to keep it upright. While it lacks on features visually, it’s a fantastic simple desk with plenty of customization options. No matter what your set-up is, this gaming desk is the best computer gaming desk for PC gaming, as it allows for multiple monitors to surround your vision.

best gaming desk
  • Large flat desktop
  • Adjustable height
  • Can be easily taken apart for transport
  • Expansive flat top for optimal gaming space
  • Can hold three monitors simultaneously
  • Not very ergonomically sound

Jamesdar Carnegie Gaming Desk

This computer desk is for the sophisticated gamer. With a wood grain veneer top, and multiple built in adjustable shelves to suit your set-up, there’s nothing that this desk doesn’t account for. The Jamesdar gaming desk is capable of holding one monitor on the central elevated shelf, with the other, smaller shelves for things such as speakers and desk accessories. This desk can hold more than one monitor on the main desktop, though it would take away some space for your keyboard and mouse. There are baskets on the underside of the desk that you can use to hold other small necessities, such as snacks, drinks, controllers and more. This is a good gaming desk that works in conjunction with any home office decor nicely.

best pc gaming desk
  • Adjustable stand for one monitor
  • Ample desktop space
  • Storage for games, controllers, and organization for cords
  • Easy-clean veneer top.
  • Lots of space for your gaming rig both on top of and underneath the desk
  • Space for everything you need to enjoy your games completely
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Not an ideal multi-monitor set up

Kinsal Gaming Computer Desk

This gaming computer desk is not only incredibly stylish, but also extremely functional. The Kinsal gaming station computer desk has everything that an avid gamer could need: lots of space, adjustable height, and the ergonomic fit make everything about this computer desk a top choice. While it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles other computer desks have, it is very roomy, and can hold multiple monitors at once. The LED lights are a handsome addition, and while they aren’t necessarily functional, they are incredibly cool looking and will spruce up any gaming rig nicely. 

computer gaming desk
  • LED lights in 7 colors
  • Large, roomy flat top
  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight, transportable
  • Great gaming computer desk for multi-monitor set ups
  • No clutter like unnecessary shelves on the desktop.
  • Space for cords
  • No organization options

Kinsal Gaming Ergonomic Computer Desk

This gaming station computer desk is similar to the other Kinsal desk on this list. It also features LED lights and a broad flat top for all of your monitors, keyboard, and mouse. The steel frame allows for stability while gaming, while also being lightweight enough to easily adjust and move around. It’s cheaper than the other Kinsal desk, but it is no less functional. It would go well in any gaming room, and the ergonomic gaming desk is exceptionally comfortable for sitting at for hours. 

pc gaming desk
  • Adjustable height gaming desk
  • Large desktop for 2-3 monitors
  • Ample space for other desktop accessories
  • The ergonomic table top makes this a comfortable addition to any gaming den
  • LED lights can be changed to suit your tastes
  • No organization options like shelves or storage

The best desk for PC gaming doesn’t have to be fancy with a lot of bells and whistles. Sometimes the best gaming computer desks only need a large enough surface to put your monitors and keyboard. These gaming computer desks are great choices because of the features that they offer. They’re relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to sit down at for hours on end. They work with most gaming dens, and can be adjusted to suit your particular arrangement. Coupled with a good gaming chair, you can easily be at these desks for hours without a break.

These gaming desks have features that make gaming a more immersive experience; desktops with places to put controllers and games, as well as elevated speaker shelves are ideal for someone who only has a single monitor to work with, while the larger, flat desktops are great for someone with a multi-monitor set up. Little additions such as hanging baskets and extra storage on the sides of the desk are great, but not every desk needs such things. No matter what your rig entails, these inexpensive gaming computer desks are sure to take your gaming den from dull to functional.

While you can certainly find other gaming desks that are much more expensive (and thus with many more features), these PC gaming desks are fantastic for simple set-ups, especially for new gamers just getting into the scene. Experienced gamers looking for a good deal will also appreciate the simplicity of these gaming desks, but also the economical value of buying a sturdy desk for all of their precious computer parts.