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Best Vlogging Camera

best cheap vlogging camera

Blogs have been around almost since the early days of the internet. However, vlogging is becoming more and more popular. Vlogging is the art of video-taping your everyday life, whether it was something exceptional that happened, or something completely mundane. No matter what vlogging is used for, it can turn the average internet user into an internet celebrity. However, vlogging isn’t cheap to get into, and the very best vloggers have the equipment to make their videos stand out. To be a good vlogger, you need the best vlogging camera, and you’ll find that your vlogging camera is what will make - or break - your entry into vlogging stardom.

The first question that people ask is “How much is a vlog camera?”, and rightfully so. Many of the best vlogging cameras are well into the several hundreds, boasting 4k quality, 300 frames per second, and a lens that can capture the entirety of a football field in crystal clear clarity. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to get the best cheap camera for vlogging. A cheap vlogging camera, even at its most basic, will only run you about $150. This is a good starting point if you’re new to vlogging, and don’t want to commit too much money.

This review on the top vlogging cameras covers everything from cheap vlogging camera options to the best vlogging camera options, and everything in between.

Kimire Digital HD Camcorder 1080p 24MP Zoom Camcorder

The Kimire HD camcorder is a great vlogging camera because of its small size and exceptional portability. It features the ability to record in 30fps at 1080p quality, great for getting that real-life feel to all of your videos. This cheap vlogging camera boasts a long camera life (2.5 - 3 hours when fully charged), utilising a rechargeable lithium ion battery for reliability when recording. It’s a great cheap vlogging camera with flip screen capabilities, and is the best vlogging camera for people just looking to get into vlogging. 

best vlogging camera
  • 2.7 inch screen in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Internal microphone
  • 16x zoom capability
  • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • Small and lightweight, perfect for carrying around
  • Can hold up to a 32GB SD card
  • USB 2.0 ensures compatibility with most Windows devices
  • Under $70
  • Picture is grainy while filming

COMI Digital Vlog Point and Shoot Cheap Vlogging Camera

This cheap vlogging camera has a familiar feel to it, designed like the point-and-shoot cameras that many people are familiar with. It has a 3 inch LCD screen that can be turned up to 180 degrees in order to record and take pictures of yourself. It features anti-shake, timed shots, as well as a host of other features that make your recording experience much nicer. This good vlogging camera is able to shoot in high definition up to 1080p quality, ideal for getting that crisp and clear image for your viewers. This is the best cheap camera for vlogging, as it features strong internal components that don’t sacrifice your video quality.

cheap vlogging camera
  • Large, 3 inch screen to view your video
  • Flash capabilities
  • Up to 1080p recording
  • 24MP
  • Anti-shake
  • Crisp, clear images make this a competitive product
  • Easy to use and upload your video from the camera to the computer
  • Comes with long-lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Cheap Vlogging Camera
  • This Vlogging Camera does not come with a case

YISENCE Digital Vlogging Camera Camcorder

Like the COMI vlogging camera, the YISENCE camera features a large 3 inch screen and a familiar point and shoot layout. This is a good vlogging camera as it features anti-shake and face detection, perfect for capturing your moments without fear. It’s also the best vlogging camera with flip screen motion, allowing you to take that picture perfect shot. The image quality is exceptionally clear, and video can be shot in 1080p quality, and the camera itself can zoom up to 4x. Overall, it’s a great cheap vlogging camera for new or inexperienced vloggers. 

vlog camera
  • Flash and other dark-area lighting fixes
  • 3 inch screen that rotates 180 degrees
  • 1080p, 24MP recording quality
  • 4x zoom
  • Easy enough for kids to use; uploading a video to the internet is fast and easy
  • The quality is crystal clear when shooting.
  • LIghtweight, small, yet very good quality
  • Not a good choice for professional vloggers who require exceptional quality.

RAINBOWDAY Digital Camera Camcorder with 3" LCD Flipscreen

This is the vlog camera you need if you plan on doing any sort of professional vlogging. It’s small and lightweight, and it comes with an external mounted camera to pick up sound. The flip screen is bright and clear, allowing you to see the action in 1080p HD real color. If you’re serious about your vlogging, this is definitely a camera to look into. This good vlogging camera is one of the best vlogging camera options as it falls well under $200, making it an ideal start for people who already have a feel for vlogging. 

cheap vlogging camera
  • 24MP camera
  • 2.0 USB, HDMI, and TV output
  • External Microphone
  • Up to 32GB SD card storage
  • Wide angle lens
  • Night vision and dark lighting settings.
  • It’s small and lightweight, but exceptionally hard working
  • Colors are crystal clear, both during and after recording
  • Easily upload your video to any computer using the USB 2.0
  • The battery life leaves a lot to be desired, requiring frequent charges. 

YI 4K Ultra-HD Digital Action/Sports Camera

The YI ultra-HD vlogging camera is the most logical step if you’re looking for a professional vlogging experience. Reviews hail it as one of the top vlogging cameras on the market today because of the exceptional quality that this vlogging camera puts out. It features a sleek, streamlined exterior with numerous features to take your video and get it online in the shortest time possible. This camera features a live-stream button that allows you to record your video and put it up on social media almost instantaneously. The high definition recording is one of the best on the market right now, able to record up to 4k at 30fps easily. Plus, it’s under $200, which by all standards is a huge deal. 

vlogging camera
  • 4k@30fs, or 1080p at 120fps
  • Touchscreen UI
  • Livestreaming enabled, as well as on camera editing. 
  • Professional videos quickly and easily.
  • Scratch resistant, making it a perfect travel partner
  • Exceptionally powerful, with crystal clear images
  • No external microphone. 

Ablue Ultra HD 4K Portable Digital Video Camera

Another entry for “best vlogging camera under 200 dollars”, this is the best vlogging camera for professional vloggers. Along with exceptional 4k recording capabilities, the Ablue digital camcorder features an exceptional recording experience without sacrificing quality. It comes with a wide angle lens to get all the action at once, as well as high-powered graphics to ensure that every moment is crystal clear. It has WiFi functionality, meaning you can record your videos and then download them directly to your phone or tablet without the need for cords. Great for people familiar with the art of vlogging, and need to quickly and efficiently upload videos on a regular basis. 

Ultra HD 4K Portable Digital Video Camera
  • WiFi functionality
  • Wide and Regular lenses
  • Up to 4k video quality
  • AV/USB and HDMI cable 
  • Exceptional recording quality and frame-rate
  • Can cut out the middle-man and upload directly from device
  • Lightweight and easy to carry. 


Besteker Video Camcorder Wifi Camcorder with External Microphone

Small, portable, and comes equipped with an external microphone, this is the best vlogging camera for under 200 dollars on the market. It’s small, but it’s powerful, boasting high framerates and even higher quality. The Besteker camcorder vlogging camera features Wifi file uploading, which allows you to upload your video almost instantly after recording. It also comes with a wide angle lens, a night-vision mode (which gives better quality in low-light conditions), as well as an auto-shut off. Great for new and experienced vloggers. 

Video Camcorder Wifi
  • Wifi file transfer from camcorder to phone or tablet
  • 24MP camera, and crisp 1080p video.
  • Comes with a wide angle lens, 35mm microphone, and HDMI, USB, and AVI cables. 
  • Very lightweight and easy to use.
  • Pictures are clean and crisp, and videos aren’t grainy.
  • Charges quickly when not in use. 
  • Battery life is short while taking pictures and recording, requiring more frequent charges.

Whether you’re a new vlogger that is looking for a cheap vlogging camera to get your show off the ground, or you’re looking for the top vlogging cameras for an exceptional recording experience, there’s no question that the best vlogging cameras feature high-quality video and sound, allowing you to upload directly from the source. The top vlogging cameras even have live-stream options, giving your viewers the chance to see the action as it’s happening. A vlogging camera with flip screen motion is a good choice for new vloggers, but great vloggers will look for the best vlogging camera to deliver a superior product directly to the viewer.