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Electric Skateboard Reviews

electric skateboard reviews

With their popularity rising every day, electric skateboards are definitely a thing of the future, especially for young people. Right now an electric skateboard is probably the fastest people-mover that is available out there for purchase.
You can build it yourself by getting all the electric skateboard parts. You will need a skateboard, a battery, motors and of course a remote control. However, the best option is to buy one that is ready-made.
As you probably already figured you hop on the skateboard and you use the remote control tool to basically drive your electric skateboard. Truth be told it’s much easier to ride an electronic one than a normal one. We have compiled a list of the best electric skateboards so make sure you keep reading.


1. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

razor x cruiser electric skateboard

So far Razor as a company has shown that they can manufacture and offer some of the best electric skateboards. The Razor Electric Skateboard has 125watts, with an amazing read-wheel-drive motor and a hand-held remote which is very easy to use. It also has variable-speed control which means you can drive at your preferred cruising velocity. 
Speeds up to 10mph and it can be used for about 40minutes of continuous use. Compared to other skateboards the RazorX Cruiser is considered to be a cheap electric skateboard as its price is considerably lower than some of the other skateboards we will mention in this article.
Customers have always reviewed this product as perfect for beginners because it is very easy to use. There is no assembly required, you just hop on it and start riding. It’s important to note that you should keep within the recommended rider weight which is up to 220 lbs.

razorx electric skateboardPros:                        
-    Easy to use                        
-    Cheap                            
-    Great for a first-timer                    
-    Goes up to 10mph



-    The motor is loud
-    Problems with the batteries
-    Occasionally it doesn’t turn on

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2. SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard UL 2272 Certified Motorized Electric Skateboard with Wireless LED Remote

The Swagtron is a bit different to the Cruiser in several ways. First of all it’s an electric longboard, meaning it’s a bit longer than the regular electric skateboards. This skateboard has a UL2272 certified 24V LPF battery which features additional security for the battery.swagtron electric skateboard
It goes up to 11mph and you can ride it for up to 10 miles before you need to charge it again. When it comes to electric longboard skateboards the SWAGTRON is really a bargain because it’s much cheaper than other boards with similar specifications.
According to customer reviews this board is easy to use and very light so you can carry it around. The remote screen shows how much battery you have left, so you will never be stranded. On top of that the company offers a 1 year warranty that covers most manufacturer defects.

-    Great for the price                             
-    Good battery life                 
-    No problems when driving it up-hill    
-    After several weeks power goes down drastically
-    Older model remote
-    Sometimes they arrive defective


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3. Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board

Another Razor product which is probably the best electric skateboard you can get if it’s your first time and you just want to see how these things look. The reason I am saying this is because the Ripstik is “the” cheap electric skateboard to go to. 
It features a strong 100 watt motor which allows the speed to go up to 10mph. The Ripstik is limited though when it comes to weight support because it will only support a rider up to 143 pounds. This makes the Ripstik perfect for children, however it is not the best option for adults who weigh considerably more.razor ripstick electric skateboard
Another positive thing for this model is that it is maintenance free. It doesn’t have an alignment, chain and chain tensioner which are essentially the electric skateboard parts that tend to malfunction most of the time.

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-    Can hold a charge for a full hour               
-    Goes fast, considering the price               
-    Perfect for a kid    

razor ripstick remote control electric skateboardCons:
-    Very weight limited
-    Known for malfunctioning













4. Logisys Lithium-Ion Battery Skateboard with Hand-Held Remote Control  

 logisys electric skateboard
Moving on to more serious items that hold a higher price, when it comes to electric skateboard for sale. The Logisys board can reach speeds of up to 25mph and one charge usually holds for about 15 miles. On top of that this board has no problem climbing grades that are up to 20 degrees.
The Logisys electric board boasts a dual 250W motor, which means it has a total power of 500W. You can fully charge it in about 2-3 hours and it has a maximum carrying capacity of 265lbs.
The Logisys brand is not very known when it comes to electric skateboards, however they have proven that they offer high quality products while keeping the price affordable. This is exactly why they made this list.

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-    Charges up very quickly                        
-    Fast and smooth riding                        
-    High weight limit
-    High quality batteries
-    Powerful motor    

-    Low trucks quality
-    Company doesn’t sell spare parts





5. Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard  

When it comes to electric skateboards Boosted are one of the best companies, offering these types of products. This 2nd Generation board is an electric longboard and its price is much higher than anything else we will review in this article.
The board has a top speed of 22mph and it can handle 25% grade hill climbing. It has powerful electric motors that have 2000W of power while also offering a smooth braking experience. This Boosted product is definitely a board that can be considered the best electric skateboard on the market.    boosted electric skateboard  
With it you can climb steep hills, reach top speed in no time at all. Apply the brakes when you go downhill, and all of this is handled while maintaining perfect control. If you are looking to spend a higher amount of money for an electric skateboard, then this product might be the best choice for you.

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-    Amazing power                           
-    Can handle any terrain while maintaining control           
-    High quality parts
-    Built to last
-    Can handle a lot of weight
-    Easy to use

-    Expensive
-    Needs vibration absorbers






6. BLITZART Tornado 38 Electric Longboard Hub-Motor 3.5 PU Wheels Electric Skateboard

Blitzart is another well-known company, especially if you want to get an electric longboard. The Tornado has a maximum speed of 17mph and it can go for about 10 miles if your battery is fully charged. If you need a board and you find this electric skateboard for sale, don’t hesitate and get it right away.
The Tornado has a 350W hub motor which is very reliable while it’s also built strong so it can support weight of up to 300lbs. Another fantastic thing that separates this model from other electric longboard skateboards is the ergonomic wireless remote.
The remote is very comfortable and easy to grip which is a great help for beginners and children. All in all the Tornado offer amazing performance while still being quite affordable.Blizart electric longboard

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-    Can hold a lot of weight                
-    Ergonomic remote                    
-    Strong and reliable
-    Offers great value for the price

-    Battery life not consistent
-    Requires maintenance






7. ACTON BLINK Lite | World's Lightest Electric Skateboard for Youth 

This Acton Blink model is very different to what we have shown in this article so far. This lite model is designed specifically for kids and it does a wonderful job, while being highly affordable.electric skateboard for kids
You can drive up to 5 miles on a single charge and the speed is not high compared to other Acton Blink electric skateboards. This lite model is very portable and easy to carry around as it weighs only around 7.7 pounds. It can hold up to 130lbs which is why the targeted audience are kids and teenagers.
On top of that this board works through a Bluetooth remote control and it has built in safety lights which makes it a perfect choice for children. The company even went a step further and is offering a 6 month limited warranty, in case something breaks or stops working.
Parents are always asking, how much do electric skateboards cost? Well you can get this one for under $250 and it is the perfect birthday present for your kids.

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-    Very economical                    
-    Lightweight                        
-    Great for beginners and children

-    Motor is loud
-    Remote can be tricky    







8. LiftBoard Single Motor Belt Driven Electric Skateboard

Liftboard is also a very respectable company when it comes to electric skateboards. This model comes with a single motor and a dual motor but we will be reviewing the single motor one.
It has a 900W motor with a speed of up to 16mph and a fully charged battery can take you up to 16 miles. On top of that it has no problem climbing inclines of up to 15 degrees. The company offers a 90 day warranty period and they claim they will fix/replace any parts or the whole thing within that period.
This Liftboard model is quite affordable but it doesn’t really boast the best electric skateboard parts. It has a strong battery life but that’s about it, they need to work on some of their other features. Both the single and the dual motor versions have a lot of power so they can maintain speed while handling a lot of weight.belt driven electric motor skateboard

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-    Fun and fast                              
-    Strong battery life                          
-    Great for constant transportation

-    Not enough safety
-    Remote disconnects
-    Not built to last