Choosing a Wine of the Month Club

If you’re in the market for a new club to join, but aren’t too keen on joining something “traditional” such as a book club, a growing trend among many people is a “Wine of the Month” club, which is similar to a book club, but with wine and online. Essentially, through paying a subscription fee, you will receive a selection of wines through the mail, which you can then drink and taste at your leisure. This is similar to an online book club, but instead of books, you get bottles of wine. Wine of the month clubs vary in subscription fees, from $15 a month to upwards of $50 or more. Which club you choose determines not only the fees you pay, but also the types of wine you get.

wine of the month club

Why join a wine club?

If you love wine, that’s more than reason enough to look into joining one of these clubs. Not only will you get a selection of wines that you perhaps have never tried before, but you’ll also get a great deal on the wine selections. By paying a monthly fee, you’ll be getting a wine that is equal to or even more expensive than your subscription fee. A great, tasty deal that you can enjoy all month long.

Not a wine connoisseur? No problem! Many of the best wine of the month clubs feature a gift option which allows you to essentially purchase a subscription for a friend or family member. It’s fast and easy, and your wine-loving recipient is sure to thank you for it.

Costs of joining a wine of the month club

No wine club is without its initial costs. There’s the subscription fee, but there’s also shipping and handling to get those wines to you. In many cases, the subscription fee is much less than what you would pay for a bottle of wine, so in the long run, you are getting a deal. As mentioned before, clubs (such as the WINC wine club) offer bottles at a measly $13 for top-tier wines, while others choose to bundle their wines in “packs”, such as the 6-bottle or 12-bottle subscription. These “case packs” are a popular choice, as it’s infinitely less expensive than purchasing each of these bottles separately, even at a club discount.

Every club offers different perks as well as different costs for their wines. Some may have great deals on locally made wines, but international wines may be slightly more expensive. There are international wine of the month clubs that cater almost exclusively to the wines made around the world, so if you’re big into Italian or Spanish wines, joining a club like this would be a great way to save some money on your favorite types. If you drink exclusively local wine, an international wine of the month club is a great way to step away from your comfort zone while also feeling extremely cultured and sophisticated.

Types Wines in the wine month club

You have your favorites: your reds, your whites, dessert and dinner wines, dry and wet wines, or the all encompassing “I had a bad day at work” wines. Everyone has their favorite, and luckily, many cheap wine of the month clubs cater to just about every taste imaginable, with the best wines for your buck. Some even offer selections of cheese to go with their wine, aptly named “wine and cheese of the month” clubs, because everyone knows that winers love cheese. These specific clubs choose the best pairings and send them along for you to enjoy.

As far as specific types of wine, no one club caters to specifically reds or whites or international. Many clubs allow you to pick out your preferences, which in turn lets you taste different wines while still staying in your comfort zone.

Wine of the month clubs for beginners

Now that you know what a wine club is, it’s time to look at which wine club is right for you. Cheap wine of the month clubs are a great way to get invested without investing the entirety of your savings, plus you do get some fantastic wines out of the deal. The following wines are highly rated by wine club of the month reviews, and for good reason: they offer the best deals on wines, and go about wine clubs in the best way possible.