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Bounce House Reviews

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Bounce houses are a popular way to enhance any small child’s experience outdoors. As with any outdoor activity, a bounce house not only helps the child enjoy being outside, but also creates a love for outdoor activity. Bounce houses are pinnacles of excitement for any small child, and there are many different styles to choose from. Between outdoor set-ups to indoor activity centers, there’s a bounce house for every home set up. If you are looking to buy a bounce house for sale at a reasonable price can be difficult, but this list aims to narrow it down to ten of the best inflatable bounce house models on Amazon. 

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

This bounce house with slide is great for use outdoors, providing you have the space to set it up. It boasts a roomy 12 feet by 9 feet, perfect for any child 2-5 years old. It comes with a slide which adds to the thrill of this incredibly big bounce house. Setting up is a breeze, taking anywhere from 3 - 5 minutes to fully inflate. The tall mesh walls help prevent any serious injury while children are bouncing, but adult supervision is strongly reccomended while the bounce house is in use.

This kids bounce house features a number of safety measures; while it is set up outside, stakes driven into the ground help anchor the inflated arena, ensuring that the bounce house doesn’t slide around on the lawn, or worse, fly away on a strong breeze. These stakes also help reduce injury as a result of slipping or sliding.

Using this indoors is not recommended, as the inability to anchor it to the ground would pose a significant safety hazard. 

buy bounce house
  • Large, roomy bounce space for children to play
  • Inflatable slide for easy exiting
  • Safety measures such as stakes and mesh walls to keep children inside.
  • Can’t be set up indoors, which limits when children can play inside (rainy days, stormy weather)
  • Blower is loud, and can be an annoyance for neighbors.
  • The blower must stay running while children play inside. 

Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer Bounce House

This is another large, roomy bounce house that can be used indoors or outdoors. It is large enough for three children to bounce around comfortably, but it is not so large that children can bounce up and hit their heads on the ceiling. This bounce house for kids features a low incline slide, and a roomy entrance/exit for kids to come and go as they please. Large mesh walls help keep kids inside safely, and allow the addition of playroom balls for added fun.

The bounce castle features a total area of 8.5 feet by 11 feet by 8 feet, great for standard size basements or any backyard. This bounced castle uses a large blower to maintain air pressure while your children are bouncing around inside, and the blower must stay on to keep the inflatable bouncer well inflated. From flat to full, this inflatable kids bounce house takes just 2 minutes to fully inflate, and while deflated, it takes up the size of a rolled up sleeping bag for easy storage.

For use outside, the Blast Zone Magic Castle comes with anchors to drive into the ground to help prevent lifting on windier days. If you are looking to buy a bounce house then this might be a good option.

buy bounce house
  • Large space and tall mesh netting around the outside provides a safe environment for up to three children simultaneously.
  • Fast blow-up time ensures that your children will be in the bounce house having fun in next to no time.
  • Great quality product that lasts for several years thanks to high quality vinyl.
  • The blower is loud and because it needs to run continuously, it may be a distraction for other members of the house.
  • Some customers have noticed significant leakage after a few months of use, though this is not a widespread issue with this product.

Intex Jump O Lene Inflatable Bounce House

Like the inflatable castle bouncer from Intex, the Jump o Lene bouncer features a 5.8 by 5.8 foot bouncing surface with just under 4.5 feet of inflatable and mesh wall for the kids to bounce around in. This is also another inflatable bounce house that only requires an initial set up, as opposed to needing to be constantly inflated while in use. This inflation method means that the Intex Jump o Lene can be set up as an indoor bounce house as well with very little trouble, though it is advised that you keep the inflated surfaces away from sharp objects such as sticks or rocks. 

Aside from the mesh walls, this bounce house is functionally identical to the other Intex Jump O Lene mentioned previously. 

Jump O Lene
  • Only requires an initial inflation
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • Mesh netting allows parents to view their children bouncing.
  • Identical in function to the Jump O Lene castle bouncer, but more expensive.
  • Does NOT come with a pump for the initial inflation
  • Increased tendency to rip, tear, or pop if inflated too much. 

PicassoTiles KC102 Inflatable Bounce House

This PicassoTiles inflatable bounce house is a more structurally complex bounce house for sale on Amazon, featuring not only a 12 by 10 foot bouncing area, but also a built in basketball hoop and numerous entrances to get in and out of the bounce house. A slide is also attached for even more excitement for your children. This bouncer also comes with four sports balls to further keep your children entertained. Like other bounce houses, the PicassoTiles bouncer comes with its own pump to inflate the big bounce house. It also has numerous other key features such as a velcro tarp for shade, or a mesh side pocket for things such as shoes and water bottles.

Because it is so large, it is not recommended to be used indoors. The exception to this is if you have a very large and spacious interior space to put it. This is one of the best bounce house styles to put outside on your lawn.

bounce house
  • Comes with its own inflator
  • Huge bouncing area, and can hold up to 250 lbs.
  • Numerous features ensure kids can play for hours on end.
  • Huge, so it cannot be used indoors.
  • Customers do say that the material doesn’t hold up well over time. 

Little Tikes Jr. Jump n' Slide Bounce House

The Little Tykes Jr. Jump n’ Slide Bounce House is not as big or as feature-packed as others on this list, but it definitely gets the job done. It features a 7 by 7 foot jumping area that is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours. Featuring a mesh siding and a short inflatable slide, this is guaranteed to be a hit in any household.

For kids to get the full experience of this bouncer while still being safe, this bounce house must be anchored outside. Using it indoors is not recommended, as it does have a tendency to slide around. 

bounce house
  • Small size bounce house allows it to fit in most backyards
  • Comes with a blower to maintain inflation through use. 
  • Pricey in comparison to other bounce castles for sale.
  • Smaller than bounce houses such as the PIcassoTiles or the Intex models

My Bouncer Little Castle with Ball Pit

As far as inclusive features go, this bounce castle + ball pit truly takes the cake. It’s an all in one fun house for kids, sure to keep them occupied for several hours. While the balls aren’t included in the package, it’s still a great deal for what you get, and the balls aren’t that much extra. For safety reasons, this product should use the larger balls in quantities of about 500 - 700. Smaller balls may present a choking hazard to small children under 3.

This big bounce house with slide attached is 10 feet by 7 feet in total area, and can be used either indoors or outdoors. It is important to ensure that while using outdoors that there are no sharp objects, and the bounce house is firmly strapped down in case of slipping or high wind. There is an included blower in the package to ensure that the bounce house does stay inflated during use.

buy bounce house
  • Easy set up; all you have to do is provide balls for the ball pit
  • High mesh walls ensure that parents can supervise and children can play safely. 
  • Some additional cost must go towards the ball pit
  • The exterior is not as strong as other models on this list. 

Blast Zone Big Ol' Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk

By far the largest bounce house on this list. It boasts an incredible 12 by 15 feet in area, plus a 7 foot high enclosure around the outside. This is a huge bounce house, and while it doesn’t possess the features others on this list do, it’s still a great gift to get your children outside in the sunshine. This kids bounce house can support up to 600 lbs of use at one time, and the recommended weight of each child is about 100lbs per. Of course, depending on what you plan to use it for, this number than fluctuate slightly.

Inflation takes mere minutes, and while the blower is going, the Blast zone bouncer will provide endless fun for up to six children. Great for barbeques and family get togethers, or just to get the kids outside once in a while. 

inflatable bounce house
  • Huge play space for up to 6 children
  • Low inflation time
  • Exceptional durability
  • May not fit inside due to the large area
  • Significantly more expensive than other models.

Bounceland Castle with Hoop Bounce House

This big bounce house combines the best features of the Intex bouncer as well as the Blast Zone bounce house. Not only does it have a large, roomy interior with high mesh walls for safety, but it also has a higher, bouncier slide to go up and down as children see fit. This bounce house is a cool 12 feet by 9 feet in bounce area, with the 7 foot high walls to keep children inside safely. This bouncer takes mere seconds to inflate using the heavy duty blower, and will hold up against even the most rambunctious children during use.

Additional features include a basketball hoop and Velcro openings for children to enjoy their time in this bouncing castle to the fullest. It can be used inside and outside, but it is recommended to secure the bouncing castle before use, as it may slip otherwise. 

bouncer house
  • Large bounce space for up to 3 kids.
  • Easy to set up and take down after each use. 
  • Best buy bounce house
  • Large area not as practical inside for smaller dwellings
  • Must be tied down and otherwise kept away from sharp edges and objects.
  • Customers describe the house as “smaller than expected”

Little Tikes Shady Jump N Slide Bounce House

For younger children aged 2 - 6, this is a good starter bounce house. It features a small 7 foot area to jump around in, and for outdoor use, the shaded canopy helps prevent sunburn while inside the jumper. A small slide leading out of the bounce house is great for kids to fully enjoy their time in this product.

This package comes with everything you need to set up right away, including the blower and the stakes for anchoring outdoors. This bounce house is not recommended to be set up inside. However, once set up you will not have to worry so much about punctures, as the bounce house is made of puncture resistant material to stand up against the outdoors. 

Little Tikes bounce house
  • Puncture resistant material.
  • Set up in seconds, and easy to store
  • While large in area, the jumping height is severely restricted.
  • Cannot be used inside.

If you are looking to buy a bounce house then these reviews should help in your decision. These are some of the most populart bounce houses on the market and will provide kids with endless fun.