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Best Karaoke Machine for Kids

kids karaoke machine

One of the most popular pastimes for kids and adults alike is karaoke, lets take a look at some of the best karaoke machines for kids. While often associated with terrible singing, there are plenty of people who are incredibly talented at karaoke. Kids in particular love to belt out their favorite music at the top of their lungs, and with the holidays fast approaching, getting a karaoke system for your kids has never been easier. However, there are lots of karaoke systems that aren’t necessarily kid-centered, meaning they’re harder to use and overall require more adult set-up. This list outlines some of the best karaoke systems for kids that you can buy right now, and let your child sing their heart out as soon as you set it up.


Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Stand


If you have two or more kids, this is a great item to look at. It features two separate microphones so that both of your children can sing at the same time, and two foot pedals that allow you to program in music or to play a pre-recorded applause when your children are done. The stand is incredibly lightweight and easy to set up anywhere in your household, and is made of a durable plastic to withstand even the craziest karaoke nights. Additionally, the Little Pretender system showcases LED lights to make your kids feel like rockstars.


Not only is this system inexpensive, but it’s ready to use right out of the box. The karaoke system includes 4 AA batteries, so all you have to do is plug in the AUX cord and let the music play. This is the perfect gift for any child who loves to sing, and is great for hours of entertainment all through the year.



  • Kid-centered, featuring a cute and playful design that’s sure to keep the kids occupied for hours.
  • Stands up on its own, is light, and can handle a little roughhousing.



  • Needs to stand around where the kids will be
  • Storage is not as easy as other systems because of its size


Little Pretender Kids CD & MP3 Karaoke System


Like the Little Pretender dual microphone and stand system mentioned above, this karaoke system for kids features a more condensed karaoke experience. It comes in the form of a CD player, and hooks up to your phone or tablet through the AUX cable to allow you to play music right from your device. This system also features 2 microphones, flashing lights, and is incredibly easy to set up and play right out of the packaging, so long as you have the batteries. Overall, you can get your kids up and singing in less than an hour, and all you have to do is keep the tunes coming.


While it’s marginally more expensive than the stand, it’s also easier to store and use, and features a more familiar layout overall. It does require 4 C batteries (which are not included) so there is some prior set up before use, but it’s still quick and easy for your children to start singing right away.



  • Small, portable, and easy to use
  • Targeted to kids of all genders, so boys and girls can both enjoy themselves.
  • Uses either CDs or MP3s



  • Requires 4 C batteries, which does get expensive to keep replacing.



HooYL Microphone for Kids


Don’t have room for a full on karaoke set? No problem! The HooYL Microphone is just that: a microphone. Easy to store, easy to use, and absolutely no cords to deal with. This karaoke system is completely wireless, using bluetooth to stream music from your wireless device. It supports Android, iPhone, and many tablets, so there’s no shortage for music sources. Once you insert the batteries and get your music set up, the battery lasts about 4 hours before needing to be charged again.


The HooYL karaoke system is perfect for parties and functions, being extremely portable and easy to pass around a large group. Kids can easily hold and use this karaoke system because of how lightweight it is, and they won’t get tangled around the cords as they dance around. It’s also a really inexpensive piece, totalling in at under $30.



  • Bluetooth enabled so you can get your favorite songs onto the system quickly and easily.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry for even the smallest hands.
  • wireless


  • You need Bluetooth to get this karaoke machine to work, which can be a hassle to set up.
  • Younger children might have some issues with the microphone.


KidzLane Microphone with Built-In Speakers


Another Bluetooth-enabled device, this karaoke system by KidzLane has preprogrammed music as well as the capability to get music from any connected devices. The size and shape is ideal for small hands, and can be easily operated by most children with or without adult supervision. The appeal for this toy comes from the blinking lights, but also the great sound quality you get from this karaoke system.


Like the HooYL microphone, the KidzLane Microphone is only $30, which is a sound investment during the holidays. The preprogrammed songs are aimed towards very young children, featuring simple and classic rhymes that preschoolers and elementary school children would be familiar with. If your kids don’t want to sing along to these classics, they can always use the microphone as their own personal mic to sing their own songs.



  • Great for young kids
  • Buttons are easy to press, and it’s pretty much ready to go as soon as its out of the box


  • There are only a few preprogrammed songs; additional songs must go through Bluetooth.
  • Older kids may not like the design.


The Singing Machine CDG System


This karaoke system by the Singing Machine is great for both kids and adults alike. It’s a small, portable, and easy to set up system that’s more akin to traditional karaoke systems on the market, but without the hi-end karaoke price. It comes with a single microphone, but there’s enough room for two microphones on either side of the system. There is a sampler disk that has a few songs ready to sing, but for more songs you will have to purchase additional CD-G disks.


CD-G disks are music disks that are specially made for karaoke machines. With the advent of bluetooth and wireless streaming, there are few karaoke machines that still use CD-G disks to get their music. This is a great system with a long lifespan. Chances are when you purchase this system, you’ll be using it for several years. It is a little pricier at $60, but for the quality of sound, it’s a very good system for the family.



  • The whole family can enjoy this system, as it features an easy to use design that’s appealing for all ages
  • Room for 2 microphones
  • Great sound quality


  • Younger children need to be supervised when singing and setting up
  • Requires special CD-Gs that are an additional cost beside the karaoke system.


VERKB Wireless Microphone Speaker 3 in 1


Another microphone karaoke system, but one of the better ones on the market today. This one is better for older kids due to the design and the small buttons. With some help, younger children can also sing along using this microphone. This one is also a little more difficult to set up, and needs a bluetooth connection to get your music streaming from the speakers. However, once you get the microphone working, it does have a great battery life and is ideal for the whole family; both young and older children as well as adults.


This is probably the closest karaoke machine that looks like a real mic, which is sure to grab the attention of any children. The echo is great and the sound is crystal clear, all for a relatively low price. Storage is a snap, but if stowing away for long periods of time, it’s important to take out the batteries first. 




  • An easy to use handheld microphone system that’s both lightweight and easy to use.
  • Bluetooth enabled for additional songs, or you can opt to purchase special cards with songs loaded on them (sold separately)


  • Not for young children, and elementary aged children should be supervised.
  • Can be a bit difficult to set up at first.



VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System


VTech has been around for a long time, producing electronics that kids of all ages can use. From phones to microphone systems, they’ve been a leader in children’s entertainment. The VTech karaoke system has the look of a professional microphone, but with the appeal for younger and older children aged 4 - 9. It has a few songs preprogrammed in, so there’s very little to do for set up, however you can also choose to connect it to your phone to get even more music.


The microphone can be detached from the stand, and it can be run on either batteries or you can purchase the adapter separately to power it from an outlet. It’s got decent sound quality for the price, and while it’s nothing like a professional karaoke system, it’ll keep the kids occupied for a few hours.



  • Great for kids just figuring out their voices
  • 30 pre-programmed songs ready to sing
  • Can get more MP3’s from the phone.


  • The quality isn’t perfect, and there may be some static while setting up
  • You do need to purchase the adapter separately
  • Can be a hassle setting up at first.